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Are you searching for an accommodation in London? Are you staying for a short or a long period in London? You would like to find easily a comfortable and spacious flat for a good price? Don’t hesitate anymore and let us do the research for you.

Cheap-flats.com can find a suitable accommodation for you!

We have a large range of offers: choose between a flat, a serviced apartment, a flat share, a studio or a business letting and lease.

We have an accommodation for every budget, no matter how long your stay in London is. Have a look!

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Short Term Flats 

Cheap Flats London

Even if you are staying for a short period (one week to three months) in London we can provide you with a comfortable accommodation that will make you feel like at home. For a short period we can suggest you a serviced apartment or a flat-share.

If you are staying in London for just a few weeks then a flat-share ia a cheaper solution than a serviced apartment. On the other hand, you will have your own bathroom and kitchen in a serviced apartment..

You can book your short term stay online!


Mid Term Flats 

Cheap Flats London

This accommodation is convenient if you are staying longer than a month and less than six months in London. The difference with a short term stay is that there will be more conditions, you will have to pay a larger deposit before arrival, but the weekly prices will be lower!

Also don't forget that all bills are included if you book a Mid Term stay!

You can book your Mid Term Stay online!


Long Term Flats 

Cheap Flats London

You are staying for six months or more in London? Go for a Long Term Stay, a lease (contract) option. There will be more paperwork, appointments, a higher deposit and bond involved, but you will be sure to stay in a nice accommodation for a very good price!

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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